DAY 1 - Home to Nhill (393 kms)

After a huge day and night packing we left at 10:55am, about two hours later than the intended departure time, however at least it was on the planned day. It wasn't looking like it would happen at one stage.

Due to this delayed departure, we didn't make it to our intended destination of Tailem Bend in South Australia but stopped at Nhill, still in Victoria. There was no one at the caravan park office but they had a sign on the door to set-up and they'd catch up with us later. Amenities looked clean and well kept. A train went past somewhere fairly nearby and Corey declared it was a Diesel. No doubt correct, but we were hoping it was the last one for the night. It wasn't!

Dinner was microwaved Pasta Bake that Glenda had prepared the night before. That was followed by ice-cream, fruit and cake. Not too bad for our first night on the road.

Afternoon cake stop

DAY 2 - Nhill to Port Augusta (658 kms)

Up early for 9am departure. Lots of driving with stops for petrol, the toilet and lunch. The boys played cards, watched a movie and drew some pictures. Arrived at caravan park and after having trouble getting the bed fly pegs into the ground we luckily persevered as it started to rain shortly after.

Tea was Risotto. Having prepared meals for the first few nights, particularly after long days driving is a big help.

setup camp

DAY 3 - Port Augusta to Bon Bon rest area (383 kms)

Almost packed up and it rained again. Had to wait a few minutes to complete the job by sheltering under a tree. Had a short detour to go shopping for a few items and then headed out of town for Coober Pedy. Stopped for a look at the Missile Park at Woomera. Continued on towards Coober Pedy but decided there were too many kilometre's to go for the amount of daylight left so decided to stop at a rest area. Pulled into one that someone else was already beginning to set-up camp and thought safety in numbers was a good idea. While Glenda got tea underway the boys went and collected some wood for a campfire. We toasted marshmallows and chatted to fellow travellers Les and Laurie.

Missile Park, Woomera Camp at rest area

DAY 4 - Bon Bon rest area to Coober Pedy (165 kms)

Good nights sleep even though several road trains barrelling past. Booked into Stuart Ranges Caravan Park in Coober Pedy and had a chat to our neighbours, Bill and Phyll from Albany. They are wheat farmers so lots in common to chat about. Drove around the town and decided you'd need to find a lot of opals on a regular basis to want to live here. Went to an underground church then old underground mine and house. Quite interesting but also quite stuffy. Afterwards we drove out to see the Dog fence and the area called the Breakaways. Had pizza for tea from the onsite pizza shop with all the other caravan park residents. Was very popular and we had a long wait to get ours.

Looking for Opals Section of the Dog fence Area in Breakaways near Coober Pedy Breakaways at sunset

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